In this collection, MAISON MAKAREM felt a deep sense of nostalgia for the first creation it ventured into: the Matador inspired jacket. It is where the Maison’s journey began and it is where the house touches base with couture once again today.

‘The Desire for Newness’ with ‘the Need for Confidentiality’

For the SS22 season, MAISON MAKAREM experiments with new types of fabric, thus leaning more towards sustainable fashion in terms of production quantity and providing certain pieces upon order only. Hues including orange and red convey excitement and optimism, while green, blue, and yellow tones reflect reassurance and consistency. Strong notes of black and white provide a firm ground for the collection to fall back on.

Diving a little deeper, the collection takes its inspiration from the surreal times the world is currently going through and how life is viewed from different visions. With an ongoing global pandemic and political unrest, surrealism in fashion seems to make a lot of sense now. After all, the motive of the original surrealist artists was to show a fragile world full of tension in a new, delicate state.  This is manifested in the Maison’s hand painted fabric through dream-like scenes and symbolic images that are a work of art executed by the Creative Designer to create automatism and a spirit of spontaneity. Motifs inspired by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte are present throughout the collection symbolising bizarre assemblages of ordinary objects that are translated into a painting and then envisioned as a garment.