Fustany: A Quick Chat with Layal Makarem About Her Debut Collection

It’s always exciting to get introduced to new labels created by Arab fashion designers, and this is the case with Layal Makarem, the new fashion label that’s all about traditional-inspired Haute Couture with a modern twist. We had a quick chat with Lebanese fashion designer, Layal Makarem, about launching her eponymous label, and the journey that led her to where she is today.


Read along and then scroll down to see Layal Makarem’s debut collection, which focuses on textured detailed materials that evoke luxury, innovation and originality.


What inspired you to start the Layal Makarem label?
During a visit to Seville with my husband, I was mesmerized by the mixture of cultures, Islamic and European, and I was taken by the history behind the matador jacket which goes back in history to the Moorish rule in Andalusia. Therefore, I decided to venture into this area of detailed embroidery and design, developing it and coming out with the concept of the LAYAL MAKAREM matador jacket.


Tell us about the Layal Makarem debut collection?
The debut collection is a reflection of my journey as Layal the woman, mother and wife. Each design from this collection has a story or memory behind it. The embroidery is intricate and tailoring is detailed, the finishing touch is an Haute Couture perfection.


It’s all in the details! What is the amount of time and effort it takes to produce each piece?
In terms of effort, we have the best team of professional embroiderers and tailors that place a lot of time and effort to work on each piece created. Every item is like a scientific experiment at the LAYAL MAKAREM atelier! We discuss it sometimes over Skype meetings if I’m not in Beirut where the atelier is located and the young lady in charge of the team, Nour Noueihed, is an artist herself, therefore the embroidery she does on each LAYAL MAKAREM piece is an art piece. My vision is translated with detailed precision. Because of this detailed Haute Couture process, each jackets takes at least four weeks for completion.


The best way to style a Layal Makarem jacket is…
The best way to style the LAYAL MAKAREM jacket is by always remembering that you’re wearing an artistic masterpiece that needs to be displayed on simple canvas so it is best to compliment a LAYAL MAKAREM jacket or creation with a simple elegant outfit even if it is jeans or a top. You will still definitely stand out.


What’s next for Layal Makarem?
There’s continuity in the level of precision, detailing and refinement. There are new horizons and hopefully in a short time an international appearance. The LAYAL MAKAREM brand is based on a strong, fierce yet feminine woman and that’s hopefully what I’m trying to reach out to, every woman that represents all those characteristics “globally.”